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Ani Daily™ - Personalised Vitality Concierge

Welcome to the future of Vitality.

Ani Biome offers personalised monthly AgeBiotics™ plans based on the Daily Vitality Scan through the Ani Daily™ app.

AgeBiotics™ are fermented nutraceuticals designed to support healthspan. They are packed with organic acids, metabolites of fermentation and polyphenols, and do not contain any  flavorings, additives, refined sugars, or colorings. They take 2 seconds to prepare by folding and pinching the middle of the sachet over a glass of water. AgeBiotics™ have a 90% lower carbon footprint than industry standard and the packaging is 100% recyclable. 

The AgeBiotics™ collection currently consists of seven different varieties and it is continuously expanding, and the monthly pack is personalised for each client's unique lifestyle based on daily questions that take only a minute to answer.

For a tailored approach, Ani Biome is mapping the range and effect of fermentation metabolites and connecting them with Clients’ inputs to address the hallmarks of Vitality.

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