Testimony of Katarina Đozović

Katarina Đ. (35)

As a mother of a 3 year old boy, I cook for our little family of three every day. In the desire to have healthy, varied and nutritionally rich meals, we pay great attention to the quality and origin of food. I'm a big fan of fermented products that I make at home because of their positive effect on the digestive system and overall health, that is reflecs on the overall state of the body.

We were delighted by Cidrani naturally fermented vinegars that we included in our diet and various dishes - from autumn soups and hot stews with a spoonful of Autumnus, chocolate desserts and fritters with wonderful Hiems, to light and airy spring-summer combinations of fish and cheese and various tapas with Ver and the Aestas Four Seasons gastro functional line.

My personal morning ritual starts with a glass of warm water with quality vinegar and for this combination I found the ideal product, Cidrani premium apple cider vinegar with honey because of its mild and soothing taste, just as befits the beginning of a new day and all the activities that we have. Also, whenever I feel any discomfort in the stomach, weight or acid, drinking this drink calms and normalizes the condition in the digestive tract.