Testimony by Ana Balić


Ana B. (41)

There were days when I barely made myself get out of bed. I used to create a serious drama in my head because of that. It's a lot easier for me to deal with that now. Because there are fewer and fewer days like that.

I am the owner of the company Zdravi pinklec and I deliver fresh food to the doorstep, so my day really used to last from 0-24 hours, but that's where I got myself in order. Today I try to make my business day have a schedule, no matter how dynamic it was. Sometimes I’m super successful at it, and sometimes less so. That's where Nixen products come to the rescue.

I am always looking for supplements that would be truly natural and at the same time create a synergy that would have an optimal impact on me. I am convinced that I have found a solution for myself in Niksen capsules. I am currently using Flow’n’Glow daily capsules. Below that name it also says:"for extraordinary day." Let’s be honest, from the very name it feels better, and when I studied the ingredients and found out more about them, I definitely felt better, more rested and upbeat.

The first myth that these capsules shattered was in the old belief that I would gain a few pounds more from vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12! Not only did that not happen, but quite the opposite. Several people asked me:"Did you lose weight?" So, taking Flow’n’Glow capsules definitely has my thumb up. Of course, this does not mean that this is a weight loss product, but this vitamin B compound also contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, so I'm not looking for "something to snack" on a daily basis. Ideal for those moments when I would say to myself: "I'm going to loose my mind!"

Another myth I have struggled with is the prejudice that my fatigue and exhaustion are likable and why work on reducing that wonderful duo that often accompanies me? Of course it is not likable and achieves a counter-effect.

Why suffer when there is a solution?
The recommended dose of two capsules a day really has an effect. Sometimes I would feel that even one capsule is enough for my day to be upbeat and fluttery.

So, if you are looking for a dietary supplement, I wholeheartedly recommend these capsules. I think that it is not enough to "just" pay attention to nutrition, but with age our body demands more and deserves it. When we pay attention to various details such as composition, it is great to know that there are natural capsules from Croatia.