Our story

Cidrani is a team of innovation-driven visionaries  and wellbeing specialist. To achieve our vision, we started with food as foundation - the landscape that encourages our gut's health. We strongly believe that mighty immunity, true creativity and high spirit originate from the belly. Because of that, everything we do is subordinated to the synergy of the microbiome and our mind. We find inspiration in attention to details, connecting the best from nature with technology, designing the routine for the excellent beginning of the day and creating a dialogue between the past and the future.



Fermentation process enriches everything it touches. It's a principle that we also apply in Cidrani – following the example of nature's intelligence, we create extraordinary products. We are committed to creating organic products, high quality, with clean ingredients, without additives, refined sugar or artificial preservatives.


Connecting modern technology and collective knowledge, we constantly research, question, predict and design a sustainable future. With every new product, we raise the bar, and we look for progressive solutions following 21st century standards.


For us, innovation is a lifestyle, not just a working principal. We get excited by the process of discovering new ways of creating nutritively rich food, blending the tastes and leading the team that shares Cidrani ideas and values with the world. Every day we create conditions in which it is possible to think and achieve impossible.



We use the fermentation process as an example of everything that we do in Cidrani.


In times of processed food, preservatives, added sugars, impoverished meals and artificial tastes, we decided to go back to heritage, the wisdom of nature, and traditional food preservation methods that have been used forever in the different cultures around the world. Fermentation is not a new process, but we approach it as curious students looking how to blend it with the modern time technology, and in that, way create unexplored flavours and functions.

Simplified, fermentation is a process of pre-digestion of the food, actually its transformation with the help pf microorganism such as bacterias, yeasts or mould. It comes from a Latin word fervere, that means boiling. Today we know that fermentation is a great way to preserve the food and a mechanism for a metamorphosis of complicated nutrients in a more simple compound that our body needs. In that way, the food becomes richer in nutrients, tastier and easier to digest.

With its gradual unfolding, the process of fermentation teaches us how to unlock foods nutritional potential in a natural way and how to create an alchemy of microbes for a healthy gut. In the times of comfort zone and speed, it is clear that nature has its own flow. What we are doing is just setting the conditions and waiting that natures intelligence enriches our groceries, at the same time creating a unique blend of taste that calls for more.



We strongly believe in the world where people can live happy, healthy, creative and fulfilled over 200 years. Our mission is to contribute to that idea with everything we do.

In the post COVID times nothing will ever be the same. Work, housing, transport, food, economy, interaction between people, health system and entertainment is going to be reshaped and right now we can not even imagine how. We can just guess. But we don’t want to be guessing. We want to take responsibility for creating the clear vision of the world that we want. 

Cidrani represents the best from collective source of knowledge. It is what our ancestors used as a “bio-hacking” of their time, that we now bring to our time, to our present and future, but in a very new and practical way. 

Today it’s known that our gut is our second brain, maybe even more important than the real brain. Cidrani represents the best for our gut. It gives back our gut the resistance, diversity and peace as a precondition for intuition and creativity.