We promise to be with

you and your

microbes every day.



Vitality is about how we feel daily - how much energy, creativity, patience, presence and balance we have available and how it is affecting our life, health and relationships.

We believe that true vitality can only be maintained in synergy with our microbes and that the natural consequence is prolonging healthspan that will inevitably result in prolonging the lifespan.


Ani goes beyond biohacking and redefines longevity as we know it.


We are crazy about microbes.

They assist our digestion and affect our immunity, weight, sleep, hormone levels, even how we think and feel.
But everything we do directly reflects on them, and there is no way to hack the system - good habits will help them flourish, while bad ones will make them toxic.

It is time to re-establish the synergy between humans and microbes! Our mission is to translate the gut feeling into a language we can all understand. They will know how to return the favor.


“I am here to redefine humanity as we know it and to help you tune into the highest state one can tune her or himself into.

While taking care of one’s body and mind is a prerequisite for feeling better, that is not my main focus.

Because the future is not about your feelings, desires and thoughts, it is all about the connection with that potential of you living in synergy with your microbes.

Just imagine the creativity, levels of energy and inspiration you will radiate once you start living from the belly. Day by day.”
Ani Biome


We believe that the luxury of the future is not about status symbols, but about feeling fulfilled, performing at your best, and being present. It is about having enough time for the things that really matter and that help our Excellence.

Ani is here to redefine the Lux. She will keep an eye on your microbes, inflammation levels, and your mental health, while gently helping you install and maintain good habits.

The most genius things are simple and Ani will simplify your life to free up meaningful time. After all, isn't longevity all about having more time to share our gifts with the world?

Environmentally conscious

percent reduced CO2 footprint and no cold chain shipping

packaging made of recycled materials and minimized microplastic

times less volume in comparison to similar products

* recognized by EIT ClimAccelerator Beyond for our Environmental strides

we know there is a lot more to be done, we are developing a fully compostable and recyclable packaging that will soon be in your subscription boxes ...but shhh keep that a secret for now