What is a microdrink?

Ani Biome microdrinks are liquid fermented essences (in our case about 17 to 19ml) packed with polyphenols and postbiotics, ready to drink once diluted in a glass of water.

What is kombucha?

Ani Biome Kombucha is a fermented tea in the form of a microdrink, rich in polyphenols and postbiotics. They are produced by minimum three month long fermentation process.

I’ve seen other kombuchas on the market, what’s special about this one?

Ani Biome kombucha is the world’s only kombucha that comes in the form of small, practical, beautifully designed sachets, which fit in any pocket or bag, and don't require cold storage. The contents consist of a fermented, live, unpasteurized organic tea essence. By simply folding the sachet and squeezing it into a glass of water, you can enjoy a fresh, healthy, non-carbonated and refreshing beverage in seconds. Our original packaging design reduces carbon footprint by as much as 90% compared to similar beverages.

What is the main benefit of consuming Ani Biome fermented microdrinks?

Science has shown that our gut is our second brain. A healthy gut microbiome is a prerequisite for the overall health, and regular consumption of fermented foods and drinks stimulate immune responses and reduce inflammation process in our bodies.

How do you open a Ani Biome microdrink sachet?

First, pour yourself a glass of water. Then, holding the sachet above the glass with the front side facing you, bend it down the middle with the bottom facing downward and the edges facing towards you. Once you do this, an opening will form in the middle of the bottom of the sachet which will release the liquid into your glass when you squeeze the sides. You can also just take a look at this video. No need to stir, just drink and enjoy!

When is the best time of day to have a microdrink?

Ani Biome microdrinks work best when consumed consistently every day. We recommend drinking them daily as a part of your morning ritual, but they’re good for you all day long! Recently, a study from Stanford University found that consuming two to three fermented beverages per day significantly reduces inflammation in the body and directly benefits overall immunity an metabolic health.

How many microdrinks should one drink in a day?

The recommended intake of kombucha microdrinks is up to three per day.

Are Ani Biome microdrinks organic?

We’re proud to say that all of our products are certified organic! We always make sure to use organic ingredients from trusted sources.

Do Ani Biome microdrinks contain any artificial colors or sweeteners?

Of course not! Our microdrinks do not contain any artificial ingredients! They’re lightly sweetened with organic honey or agave inulin.

Are Ani Biome microdrinks the same as probiotics?

Ani Biome fermented microdrinks are not the same as probiotics. They are unpasteurized fermented herbal beverages characterised by presence of polyphenols, live bacterial cultures and their health-promoting metabolites - POSTBIOTICS.

Polyphenols consumed in fermented foods and drinks can serve as prebiotics too. They are also metabolized by colon microbiota producing POSTBIOTICS such as beneficial short chain fatty acids (SCFAs).


Are Ani Biome microdrinks safe for children?

Ani Biome microdrinks are safe for kids. If you like, you can dilute them with a little extra water or lighty sweeten them with a little organic honey.

Are Ani Biome microdrinks safe for pregnant or breastfeeding people?

There is no scientific consensus on the consumption of fermented products in pregnant and lactating people, although we have anecdotal examples of women who have consumed our products during pregnancy or while breastfeeding who got back to us with unanimously positive feedback.